Blocking third-party cookies.

Some browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox have the option of blocking third-party cookies. This blocking limits certain features and can generate errors / bugs. This problem is raised by the Google Chrome team.

On CHROME Browser :

Weedzy.com uses this third party cookie system, in some cases this may lead to an inability to finalize a payment. To avoid this, it is advisable to deactivate the blocking of third-party cookies, if only for the duration of the payment.

How to disable the blocking of third-party cookies on Google Chrome?
Via the browser URL.
For Google Chrome, you can directly access the cookie management settings by entering this  url: chrome://settings/content/cookies directly in your browser.

Then simply deactivate the “Block third-party cookies” setting and TURN ON Cookies.


  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app Chrome.
  2. At the top right, tap More More and then Settings.
  3. Tap Privacy & Security  and then Cookies and other site data
  4. Turn Block third-party cookies in Incognito on .


Via your browser MENU :


On Firefox :


Allow 3rd party cookies for a specific website

Some websites (just like weedzy.com) cannot work properly when 3rd party cookies are blocked (especially the payment process). But you can authorize cookies on specific websites by doing the following :

  1. Click on the shield  shield detected 70 located on the left-hand side of the URL
  2. Switch OFF the button  Fx70-ETPswitch on top of the panel
    • This action will deactivate the cookie protection for this particular website. The page will automatically reload. You can turn it back ON when you’re done.

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As you may know, we live a difficult period for everyone. Most of us are forced to stay home during this COVID19 crisis period.

Postal services are impacted as well and delivery WILL take longer than usual. Depending on where (what region) you live, expect a delivery delay of around 7 days (may vary) in France.

Expect 10 to 12 more days within mainland Europe

Expect 3 to 4 weeks if you live in the DOM / TOM region.

We are sorry for that, but there is nothing we can do to accelerate it.

Contact us at [email protected] if you wish to arrange a special delivery by CHRONOPOST (extra cost).


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    Je ne comprends pas !!!
  • Bonjour, j’ai passé commande ce lundi 11/07, sur votre site la commande apparait en “terminé” mais je n’ai toujours rien recu et habituellement cela est livré en 3 jours… y’a t’il un suivit de colis ? Car je souhaiterzis savoir où il en est. Merci

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    The short answer is : NO

    We don’t do any dropshipping, we do own the products we are selling. We chose them, we personnaly visited our suppliers to pick only the highest quality possible, and we negotiated with them the best possible prices.

    For example : our CBD flowers.

    Our flowers come from Switzerland. After discussing with a couple of suppliers, we selected a few, and paid them a visit !

    We wanted to see with our own eyes how they work and if their quality was good enough for us to invest, and then propose their products to our customers.

    Quality is EXTREMELY important to us because we know that a disapointed customer is lost for ever.

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    CBD stands for Cannabidiol.

    Among the 60+ cannabinoids contained in hemp, only two are major components of it. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the molecule responsible for the psychoactive effect of cannabis. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the other major cannabinoid.

    It has no psychotropic or euphoric effect on the organism. In EU, this molecule is legal, whatever its concentration. The THC and CBD concentration of cannabis depends on the plant variety.

    Some varieties have a very high concentration of THC and little CBD, others have almost no THC and are very concentrated in CBD.

    The World Health Organisation has recognised CBD as both safe, non-toxic and with very few side effects.

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    The short answer is : YES

    While THC and CBD come from the same plant (Hemp), only THC is considered as a drug in most countries legislations, while CBD has never been considered as a drug.

    The EU regulation 1308/2013 of December 17, 2013  explicitly authorize the production, import and marketing of Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) , or its derivatives, if the THC content does not exceed 0.2%.

    Several recent developments in CBD legislation are notable.

    In January 2019, the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended that CBD be removed from the list of hazardous substances. According to the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Addiction, “in its pure state, cannabidiol does not appear to be harmful and poses no risk of abuse.”

    The World Anti-Doping Agency has also followed the WHO lead by guaranteeing CBD was not banned for athletes.


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    Big YES ! We absolutely do ship to the UK, IRELAND, SWEDEN or FINLAND… and so on

    We are based in France, right in the middle of Europe and so we can easily and efficiently ship to all European countries (additional shipping fees may apply).

    Your order will be nicely wrapped and well protected in a light, opaque, discreet, waterproof and tear-proof envelope and we’ll add a tracking number so we know how well the journey is going.

    And for bigger orders (180€) , we’ll add an express delivery for free.


    [NOTE] :  Some countries still face a COVID 19 situation where most of postal services are still not 100% operational. If this is the case for your country please be a bit more patient.


  • eng-sam-1234 says:
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    How I can track my shipments
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    Yes it is possible !

    We have just launched a dedicated website for pros called WEEDZY PRO (access to the catalog & prices is restricted to professionals only) where you can find all weedzy premium products for sale at wholesale prices.

    We don’t do bulk, but only selected products in sealed bags with QR code that leads to lab analysis for maximum security & 100% legal guarantee.

    So if you are a pro, you can visit https://weedzy.pro

    Or you can can contact us directly at : [email protected]

    Stay safe !

    Team Weedzy

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