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CBD vs COVID19 : new study finds CBD effective for blocking COVID19 infection

CBD vs COVID19 : a new study finds CBD effective for blocking COVID19 infection

University of Lethbridge researcher Igor Kovalchuk is leading a study on medical cannabis as a potential therapy for COVID-19, especially high CBD strains.

  Cannabis extracts are showing potential in making people more resistant to the novel coronavirus, says an...

CBD may fight aggressive brain cancer : Promising study suggests

CBD Against Brain Cancer

The results of a new study examining cancer cells from the human and canine brain suggest that cannabidiol (or CBD) may be a useful therapy for some difficult-to-treat brain cancers. The isolate and CBD extract can slow growth and kill cancer cells. Note that CBD is a non-psychoactive...

CBD against covid19

CBD as a treatment against COVID19 ?

CBD against covid19: Research continues

Israel’s InnoCan Pharma, a company specializing in developing novel therapeutics using cannabinoids. It has entered into an agreement with Ramot, the technology transfer arm of Tel Aviv University, to develop a novel approach to treat COVID-19 by using cannabidiol (CBD) loaded exosomes. Exosomes are small particles...

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Everyone knows about cannabis, but few know the molecules that make it up. CBD, recognized by some users as a miracle molecule, raises many questions about its use. Frightened by its origin, some refuse to use CBD, others continue to defend its virtues. What is really behind these three letters?...